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For anyone looking to break into the exciting world of Nashville web design, whether for commercial or personal reasons, there is some basic vocabulary from the lingo of PHP web development and social media marketing that will give you a solid foundation for making your dreams a reality.

To begin, PHP is for all intents and purposes a language. Its use is widespread since it can function as a standalone shell on almost any processor and is free of charge. Some major sites that have been created and maintained using PHP web development are Wordpress, Drupal, and MediaWiki to name a few. It mainly focuses on server-side scripting, though, so those just beginning their foray into Nashville web design do not need more than a basic familiarity with the term.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, is an essential tool for anyone looking to foster a successful online presence through Nashville web design. The megalithic platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere are all goldmines for publicity and communication. Unlike PHP web development, social media marketing is user-friendly and does not require any specialized knowledge of computers or programming. All that matters is constant input of new information and knowledge about your target audience. With the proper amount of reconnaissance work and research, you can develop just as large a following as if you had created your own website with only a tiny fraction of the effort!

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