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Music Business Software
If you want to make it big in the music capital of the world, it helps to have some friends who know the business. Dev Digital offers the essential tools for mastering the music industry in the form of tour management software, booking agency software, and all other components necessary to have a thriving music business of Nashville. Whether you are a newcomer to the game just getting your feet wet, or whether you’re an expert making your twentieth tour round and have tried every version of tour management software and booking agency software available, Dev Digital can offer something new and innovative to your approach. Predictability is a death sentence for doing music business in Nashville, so you definitely want to switch up your approach and keep your fans on their toes.

You may worry that your budget will not allow for high-tech tour management software, or think that you need a certain sized following to qualify for booking agency software, but that is far from the case. Dev Digital welcomes all kinds of clients and guarantees satisfaction regardless of what your needs are. There is no reason to delay your full-blown debut into the music business of Nashville, and competition increases by the second, so contact us at 615-257-1491 or visit us at http://www.musicbusinesssoftware.com to see what lies in store.

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Dueling Fart Guitar App

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Experience Fart Guitar!
You’ve heard of the ‘musical fruit’? Fart Guitar is guaranteed to bring a laugh to you and your friends while you ‘make music’. Fart Guitar features flatulent notes as well as real guitar tones mixed. Currently, Fart Guitar offers chords in the key of G on acoustic guitar. You can also adjust the mix of fart and real guitar sounds. Electric guitar, with distortion, coming soon as well as other keys and effects! Guitar samples are provided by four-time Grammy nominated guitarist Andy Reiss. Fart samples provided by renowned producer Karius Vega! We hope that you like it and look for more updates very soon!

Download Fart Guitar iPhone or Android App at http://www.fartguitar.net

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Use Google Analytics for Real Time Web Tracking

Google Analytics

How are your customers using your website? Where are they coming from? How long are they staying? What pages within your site are the most popular? If you own a website, you should know the answers to these questions. Web analytics reporting is some of the most important knowledge you can invest in for your site.

Your site analytics tell you how people are using your site, what search terms got them there, from what browsers and types of devices (desktop computer, phone, tablet, etc.) and can even tell you how many users convert to sales or lead submissions.

In addition to providing valuable intelligence about how customers are using your site, analytics can now provide real time tracking, which means you can see a snapshot of exactly what's going on at your site at any given time. How many users are online? What pages are they visiting right this minute? How quickly are they moving from page to page?

Most site analytics could read like nonsense to someone who isn't intimately familiar with what they're looking at. What are bounce rates? How about visitor flow? There are so many nuances when it comes to analytics, and you don't want to miss something critical. A high-quality Nashville web optimization firm will provide you with information that address analytics in a straightforward manner.

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Know What You Want from Your Android or iPhone Apps

Your website is in great shape. You've got social media handled. Overall, you're feeling pretty good about your technology strategy until someone asks you if you have an app. You don't have one, but you're certainly open to web apps development if it's the right choice for you. Here are some tips for creating a fantastic app.

First, take a look at your overall technology strategy. Is there a reasonable place for an app? Many times the answer is “Yes Absolutely” and if that's the case for you, read on!

Next, make sure you're working with a firm that does high-quality Android apps development and iPhone apps development. Designing and developing an app isn't cheap—you don't want to spend time or money with unnecessary re-dos. And with literally hundreds of thousands of apps available, you want to make sure yours has what it takes to be a success.

Making your app successful means making it useful for your customers. A company experienced in Android apps development or iPhone apps development will be able to help you with this (another reason to go with a good one). But what makes an app useful?

• It makes life easier in some way:  If your app can take a task or action and make it more efficient or simplify it, you're a step ahead of the game in the world of web apps development.

• It makes life less expensive:  Sometimes an app is designed to help people save money. Who doesn't like that?

• It makes it easy for people to have fun:  Think of the popular gaming apps. Most aren't complicated; they're quick and easy, designed to be played while standing in line at the bank, or while killing a little time waiting for a friend at the local coffee shop. They're fun, and they don't require much of a time commitment.

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Creative Web Design by Dev Digital for Music Industry

For anyone looking to break into the exciting world of Nashville web design, whether for commercial or personal reasons, there is some basic vocabulary from the lingo of PHP web development and social media marketing that will give you a solid foundation for making your dreams a reality.

To begin, PHP is for all intents and purposes a language. Its use is widespread since it can function as a standalone shell on almost any processor and is free of charge. Some major sites that have been created and maintained using PHP web development are Wordpress, Drupal, and MediaWiki to name a few. It mainly focuses on server-side scripting, though, so those just beginning their foray into Nashville web design do not need more than a basic familiarity with the term.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, is an essential tool for anyone looking to foster a successful online presence through Nashville web design. The megalithic platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere are all goldmines for publicity and communication. Unlike PHP web development, social media marketing is user-friendly and does not require any specialized knowledge of computers or programming. All that matters is constant input of new information and knowledge about your target audience. With the proper amount of reconnaissance work and research, you can develop just as large a following as if you had created your own website with only a tiny fraction of the effort!

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Nashville Web Development Company Expertise In Wordpress Build-Up

As in any other business investment, does your homework before you hire php developers? Remember, in the virtual world of e-commerce technology, your global reputation is at stake. Verify a company's reputation in wordpress site development, iPhone App development, client satisfaction, and overall proficiency level.

Nashville web development companies have gained a stellar PHP reputation in the most widely used developer language globally, PHP. Streamlined, auto synchronization for social media network customer info is a dream come true for business owners, especially if they've recently begun wordpress site development.

Nashville web development service companies rank superior in professional developers who produce highly attractive iPhone apps and nifty user friendly features. These companies have everything necessary to develop iPhone applications such as infrastructures, designers, developers, and appropriate skill set in one place. Educated in the newest developer technology like Cocoa Touch, C++, Objective C, X-Code, and more, many are also 2D & 3D experts.

A website's layout, ease in functioning, SEO design and blog engagement determine the potential client base. Many wordpress site development tools are available at little to no cost, but if you don't have the skill or expertise to effectively utilize the programming options, you'll find yourself spending much time reading through How To documents, FAQs, and user blogs to find the answers you need. Not to mention, the frustration and customer loss resulting from improper or faulty coding inevitable for novice programmers.

If you want professional results, hire professionals to do the job. Cost is always a relevant concern, especially when it pertains to small business startups working with limited budgets. However, cost should not be your sole factor for your decision when selecting app developers. Expertise in programming, reputation, effective communication, and especially, ability to handle your specific needs in a timely manner are other vital considerations for choosing developers.

The investment required to hire php developers is worth its cost many times over when you consider the benefits and profit potential from functional app layouts. The easier your website is for viewers to navigate and use with their iPhones, the more competitive your site becomes in your class.

Don't miss out on tons of potential sales due to desktop only access. See for yourself today, how Nashville web development services can bolster your site's usability with professional iPhone apps using the latest technology.

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Professional Web Design and Promotion Services in Nashville

Do you have the inside track on local music or the best barbeque in Nashville? Maybe it’s time you let the world know with a site from a web design firm--promote yourself and your great city via a company that loves Nashville as much as you do..!!

But you ask, I know who has great barbeque. I don’t know who makes great websites. Where do I even start to find web services in Nashville??

First, think about what you want your site to be and to do. Take the time to plan it out because a good Nashville web design company will ask about your vision for your site!

This is your brand and online presence, so it should reflect your look and mission. It should be secure, attractive and user-friendly. A good Nashville web development company will help you with all that by making sure your needs are met and that you end up with a site you’re proud of. They’ll build a site that’s creative, loads quickly, is optimized for easy crawling by search engines, and is supported across all browsers.

The developer you hire should be able to translate what you want into something that looks good and that does something—whether that something is to inform, amuse, or provide a product/service. He or she should ask a lot of questions—they will need to know your subject in order to create a site that has value for you. Don’t simply hire a “YES” person. A renowned web design in Nashville firm will be able to transform your idea into a site that looks great and functions equally well.

Often, the best place to start is with friends and colleagues. Ask around about web services in Nashville. See if anyone has worked with someone they like (or didn’t like) particularly well. If that doesn’t yield a front-runner, contact a few of your favorite local websites and see who they used . . . may be they know of a great web development company.

This may seem like a lot of work, but when you’re spending hard-earned money it pays to do some homework and ask some questions. Once you’ve found a high-quality company for web service, your site is live, and your monthly hit numbers make you the envy of your friends, family, or competition, all that work will have paid off.

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